Earthspring Sanctuary Retreat Centre

Directions to Earthspring

from the Victoria International Airport:

  1. Leave Airport Terminal
  2. Turn right at Willingdon Rd (go 1.8 km)
  3. Turn left at W Saanich Rd (go 14.9 km)
  4. Turn right at Wallace Dr (go 0.5 km)
  5. Turn left at Willis Point Rd (go 4.1 km)
  6. Turn left at Ross Durrance Rd (at mailboxes) (go 3.2 km)
  7. Turn right at Hazlitt Creek Rd (go 0.7 km)
  8. Keep left at the fork with Old Mossy Rd
  9. Turn left at 405 Hazlitt Creek Rd (Earthspring Sanctuary sign) (go 0.5 km up driveway)
  10. Park in the turnaround at the top of the driveway.